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Robert Smallwood, III (Left) and Robert Smallwood, Jr. (Right), Owners of ABA Well and Septic Services Cover

We take special pride in our customers. We feel it is equally important to get to know our customers just as we get to know each individual septic system. A good relationship and communication helps us to provide complete and proper maintenance to your system. We view it as though:

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“Together we are a team, working together to keep your system properly maintained.”

We are continuously looking for ways of improvement in order to keep our company running as smooth and efficient as possible.

We have a professionally staffed office that provides scheduling to our customers and is trained to answer your questions. If further assistance is needed in answering your questions, a technician will be contacted and our office will be able to further assist you. Our office staff works diligently in order to have invoicing and reports in the agent’s hands upon completion of the services ordered.

After years of research, speaking with other professionals and homeowners, seminars, and observation of septic inspection techniques of other septic companies, we have designed an inspection process that is a step above all the rest and unique to the industry. In prior years, septic inspectors would only inspect the septic tank after it was pumped. We developed a rigorous inspection and testing process where we inspect all of the system components including the septic tank and the distribution box. We do an absorption test on the drainfield to insure the functionality of the system. Even if the home has been vacant for a long period of time, this will reveal any problems with the system.


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We provide services to homeowners, realtors, and businesses throughout Southeastern Virginia.

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"Together we are a team, working together to keep your system properly maintained."

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