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Jo Anne Seward:
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July 15, 2019
We had water standing on top of our septic tank off and on for a couple of years. Had tank pumped off 18 mos. ago, dried up for a while. (by some one else) Told the operator I wanted septic pumped dry and he did not even have a water hose on his truck, I had one but not long enough. When the water showed up again, I talked to people whom had used ABA and were happy. I decided to call them and explain my situation and that I thought my drain field lines need "blowing out/cleaning:". They were very professional and nice and set a date for a week later (non emergency), gave me a estimate. Boss came to check it out and gave me a rough draft what could be happening and worst case senior. Two men showed up on date set. I was VERY impressed. Not only did they show up with the tools they needed, they explained every thing they did and showed me. They were very respectful also. They dug only where they had to, did their job. The only way U can tell they were here is no grass on spots where they dug. A couple of grass cuttings and that will not even show. The women I talked to on the phone were also very professional and nice. The way I was treated made it way easier and I will use ABA again and highly recommend. them.
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